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Challenge #5 is a crossover with Waifu Wednesday, and it us the non-human edition. So for this one I have choose NeferPitou from Hunter x Hunter!
Being who I consider the strongest of the three royal guard to the king. She is a Chimera Ant with what looks like a part cat that makes her look almost like a huminod. Her loyalty to the king is pretty much unmatched! Even in her death her Nen still try to kill the threat in front of her for the king. She was actually happy to be the one killed by such power, since it could only be used once, instead of the king.
At first glance she may look innocent but she is far from it! She has one of the most terrifying auras as explained by Killua that even puts Hisokas and Illumis aura to shame!
She could probably kill someone just with her stare! Or make me fall in love! Yes I just said that! For as deadly as she could be I still find her so kawaii! All of her senses are enhanced through the roof! Great hearing, tremendous sight, smell, strength, speed, and agility that let's her attack from virtually any position! She is what I see as one of the top 5 strongest in the entire Hunter x Hunter universe behind only, Ging Freecss, Adult Gon, Netero and the King of the Chimera Ants himself Meruem!
Well that's it for my crossover card of {NC} and {WW} Non-human edition! So now hit that like button and then go make yours! Tag me if you want to, if not that's okay too. But make sure you tag @hikaymm and @InVinsybll for sure! as well as some others if you so choose @slimbrown13 @majahnnelson @PASCUASIO @JohnMcCullough @AshChrimson @aidangiannattas @tylor619cruz @voidx @blackoutzj @pervysagex @janxsalas @jessicaferrier
@assasingod hahahahhaha well, I havne't perfected that skill yet :P
@hikaymm you're already adorable and if you could kill with your a glance too!! oh my I'd totally marry you right now lol :p
love it!!! I aspire to be someone totally adorable who can also kill someone with a glance lol so she seems like a good role model :P
@hikaymm then I'll just keep the ring hidden away in the box for now then :p haha!