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The Browns blew up the franchise this off-season.
The team cleaned house in the front office and added a new head coach. This team was clearly looking for a fresh start and have the #2 overall pick to begin building the new regime around.
New head coach Hue Jackson made finding a quarterback a priority this off-season and added Robert Griffin III. While many expect him to be the starting quarterback for the next couple of years, rumors have started to spread that the team will still nab a signal caller with the #2 overall pick.
Would that move make sense?
I would bet against it.
This team has a solid cast of veterans. I doubt they are looking for 2-3 year project at quarterback at the helm right now. This draft is loaded with defensive players that could come in and make an immediate impact. All of the quarterbacks are project guys that could be good, so does adding one make sense?
Defensive end Joey Bosa is an Ohio State guy that the guys could get behind. He could be an instant starter and impact player. Myles Jack could be their starting middle linebacker and future leader of the defense. Jalen Ramsey at safety could step in and replace Donte Whitner.
This team can't afford to pick a guy at #2 and rush him on the field to fail or wait 3 years for him to figure it out. These guys need to make the right choice and get a player that can help them on the field immediately.

Should the Browns Take a Quarterback in the First Round?

@straightshooter the RB from elliot is rising up the boards and they DESPERATELY need a rb, but I don't see them nabbing him at #2. I think they go defense, either Ramsey, Buckner or Bosa
@kyleberke I think they have bigger issues to address. If they can get a dominant defensive player I would to that. They can nab a solid QB in the 3rd round and let him grow without so much pressure
I don't think they should draft a QB in the earlier rounds. RG3 isn't great but they have other positions to address first.
@christianmordi I agree. They need to build a good supporting cast before starting another QB project.
@super3rChick I say draft a defensive end or Safety Jalen Ramsey. That could give the Browns one of the best young secondaries in the NFL. Worked pretty good for the Seahawks
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