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Sorry I couldn't Kelp myself! Mero is an Attractive, well-endowed young Mermaid with pink hair, blue eyes and fin-like ears. As a Mermaid, rather than legs she has a pink Tail with pelvic fins. To allow her to survive underwater, She has gill on each side of her torso and webbed hands When outside, She usually wears a maids outfit which in my opinion looks quite adorable on her. Her tail is usually covered with her dress. However in private company or in the water she just wears a bikini. Mero has a very warm, inviting, and friendly personality and not to mention she's very polite and always speaks in Honorifics, Which makes me ponder the same question as Centorea, Does Mero come from a Noble or Royal Lineage? Who else would know but Mero! She's weirdly obsessed with Tragic Love Stories, Which came at a young age after reading the Little Mermaid (The Original Story, not the Happy Cute Disney depiction) by Hans Christian Andersen She literally wanted to experience her own Tragic love story, But later She realizes that she wants a "Happily ever after story," much like the more modern adaptations of the Little Mermaid stories are today. Although Mero loves to try to be the victim of tragedy in general, whether it's unrequited love, her lover dying, or herself dying and leaving her lover behind. Though later on in the Manga/Anime she opens up to Miia about what wants her romance to be like and it was quite interesting. After voicing her full interest in Kimihito, it is revealed that she wishes to be in somewhat of an open relationship with him as a Side Girl, which apparently to her is another type of tragedy different from her earlier wishes. Though she's quite a bit obsessive with Tragedy I couldn't Kelp falling in love with her Character and I wish she had a little more time for her Character to develop in the Anime if it does end up getting a second like it does in the Manga. I always had a thing for her.
Mermaids man Mermaids @SAMURXAI
I couldn't kelp enjoying this card either
Yesss monster musume
mmmmm sushi
she's super pretty!
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