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Yesterday, Stephen A. Smith went on a tirade on Sportscenter in regards to the product the Lakers have put on the floor.
He demanded that Buss be fired and went as far to say that Lakers fans were robbed this year. At the moment the Lakers are 16-61.
Is Smith right? Did the Lakers rob the fans in Kobe's last season on the team?
I don't agree with Smith on this one. Who said that the Lakers would be a contender this year?
L.A. was unable to grab any of the marquee free agents this off-season. Their biggest addition was Roy Hibbert. Their current roster is led by a group of young guys finding their way in the league in Jordan Clarkson and DeAngelo Russell. I don't understand how Smith says the fans were robbed, everyone knew based on the roster that this team in the West wouldn't be enough to compete this year.
It stinks to see Kobe go out this way, but this is a transition period in the franchise. They will likely have a top 3 pick and nab a piece next to Russell.
The Lakers were never considered a contender, I don't think anyone who looked at this roster thought they could go all the way this year.

Were Lakers fans robbed in 2016?

Hahahahaha what do you mean robbed...did anyone really think the Lakers were going to make the playoffs or sth?
I mean fans weren't expecting anything to begin with
I don't think they were robbed this year. They weren't going to make the playoffs anyways...and even though they might have wanted to send Kobe on a higher note, they are able to let Kobe have his moments because they weren't going to make the playoffs!