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안녕하세요 친구!!!!

So an introduction to you lovely Carats is needed. *fair warning: This may or may not be lengthy &/or repetitive* Firstly, I will be taking care of a few aspects from Seventeen especially the Mod Supporter for the high lifting Vocal Unit. (claps for myself at least this quarter) -That's me in the picture below and the lovely vocal team which you are looking for. ♡♡
Quick intro of who's who from left to right: -Joshua -Jeonghan -Woozi -Seungkwan -Dokyeom And me.....Hola!!

Let's get vocal!!

(Yes I mean it, let's get loud Carats) Shall we start with the vocal leader? Say hello to Woozi. (Cutie pie in my eyeseu) *FYI: Not as popular as before but still in use, Koreans will ask for your blood type just like in other countries they may ask for your Zodiac sign for compatability purposes.
Your vocal leader is Lee Jihoon (이 지훈) Stage name: Woozi (우지) DOB: 1996 년 11월 22일 or November 22, 1996 Blood Type: A Hometown: Busan, South Korea. Isn't he just adorable?! Could he be your bias in the vocal unit?
Yoon Jeonghan (윤 정 한) Stage name: Jeonghan (정 한) DOB: 1995년 10월 4일 or October 4, 1995 Blood type: B Hometown: Seoul, South Korea That magnificent hair: yass! Isn't he just ugh? Could he be your bias in the vocal unit?
Hong Jisoo (홍 지 수) Stage name: Joshua (조 슈 아) DOB: 1995년 12월 30일 or December 30, 1995 Blood Type: A Hometown: Los Angeles, California I adore him. Just look at those doe eyes... Could he be your bias in the vocal unit?
Lee Seokmin (이 석 민) Stage name: DK, Dokyeom (노겸) DOB: 1997년 2월 18일 or February 18, 1997 Blood type: RH-O Hometown: Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do *ㅠ_ㅠ* yass. This one though, ♡♡♡♡. Could he be your bias in the vocal unit?
Boo Seungkwan (부 승 관) Stage name: Seungkwan (승 관) DOB: 1998년 1월 16일 or January 16, 1998 Blood type: B Hometown: Jeju-do Sassy sassy indeed. *hearts for you* Could he be your bias in the vocal unit?
Now this isn't strictly a vocal unit song, however it was chosen for it color codes the vocal unit. Daebak! Seriously thank you to whoever made it. Okis my lovely Carats and those slipping into the Diamond life. Hope you enjoyed the introduction (which I know may be a repetitive info) but this will be my segment. Yay I'm so happy to be part of it.
Look out for the other units and much love to the moderator and mod supporters. 화이팅 ladies! Let me know who's your UB in Seventeen and if you have a bias in my unit ^_^ Can't wait to bring you all information and love about this harmonizing unit.
How adorable are those hearts? @_@ Tagging my lovely Carats familia: Moderator: @MorganElisabeth Hip Hop Unit: @ChelseaJay Performance Unit: @MrsJungHoseok Would you like to be tagged & part of this growing family? Let me know. 사랑해 친구! Diamond besos!!
@MaggieHolm right. His doe eyes kill me.
They are all so cute! But Josh is my bias!