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What does 'asexual' mean?

No, it's not what plants do.

While a lot of people can't imagine a romantic relationship without sex, there's a community of people that don't feel sexual attraction at all. It's totally healthy and normal, and that sexual orientation comes with an identity: Asexuality. While the experience will vary from individual to individual, asexuality is generally differentiated from abstinence (which is a behavior). Asexuality is an orientation, meaning that it is an innate experience.
*Mature language warning*

Asexuality refers to sexual attraction.

An asexual person can (and many do) have romantic and other personal relationships. Some may identify as homoromantic (experiencing romantic attraction to people of the same gender) or biromantic (experiencing romantic attraction to people of more than one gender). Some ace people choose to have sex or masturbate, while others don't. Again, asexuality does not refer to behavior, it refers to an orientation. Orientation is an innate experience, which means that it is an internal and natural part of a person's identity.

Some other terms to know!

Demisexual- Someone who only experiences sexual attraction rarely, often after forming a strong emotional bond.
Aromantic- Someone who doesn't (or rarely) feels romantic attraction.
Romantic orientation- Describes who a person feels a romantic attraction to. I.e. homoromantic, heteroromantic, biromantic (etc.,).
Sexual orientation- Describes who a person feels a sexual attraction to. I.e. homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual (etc.,).
Sex-neutral- A way to describe feelings towards sex that are neither excited (or positive) or repulsed (or negative).
Sex-repulsed- Used to describe an individual's extreme disgust or aversion to sexual activity.
If you'd like to know more, check out The Asexual Visibility & Education Network.

Asexual people are NOT broken.

They don't need to be 'cured', they don't need therapy to 'fix' them, and they definitely don't need to 'meet the right person' or 'have the right experience'. Asexuals are also not anti-sex, nor do they want other people to stop having sex. Asexuals simply don't feel sexual attraction. But there is nothing about the ace movement that suggests people who do feel sexual attraction should stop having sex with consenting partners.

Don't be that person.

Just like nothing 'turns' people straight, nothing forces people to become asexual. Don't presume that another person's sexuality is anything other than what they say it is.

Asexuality might be more common than we think!

According to Prof Bogaert about 1 in 100 people is asexual (via). Some people might not realize they are asexual because they aren't aware such an identity exists, while others don't acknowledge it because there's so much pressure to experience sexual attraction.

1 in 100 is a lot of people!

Yet it seems rare that we give ace people the opportunity to speak about their needs. How often do we see the experiences of ace people represented in our media? How do you think we could do better?
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