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just FYI this is my favorite poem! ********************************************************************* “Do you really think I look ok?” I asked my sister for about the tenth time as we drove to the restaurant. “ivy you look beautiful, don’t worry I hardly think that mom is going to care what you look like she will be to busy crying and holding you to even notice.” Byeol said to me as she patted my head. “breath everything is going to be ok this will be the best birthday present you have ever given her.” I took a deep breath and tried to relax. My mothers birthday was in a couple days and it seemed to be the best way to get the family together. We had planned everything i just prayed that it would all work out ok. “Hey we’re here.” Mark said as he parked the car, he turned back and looked me in the eyes and said, “are you ready?” “its now or never.” I said back to him. “ok so everyone is waiting upstairs your mom is on her way with my dad they should be here in less than 10 mins I have the videos and everything prepared up stairs when the video starts ill go down and get you and Vicky ok. make sure you have the cake ready so that we get back at the right moment.” Mark said “ok I got it what room are we supposed to stay in?” I asked him. “they cleared one of the smaller rooms on the first floor for you and Vicky the cake and everything should be there. Ok lets do this then.” Mark said as we all got out of the car. We walked through the doors of the restaurant and headed to the room where Vicky and I would be waiting. “you will probably hear mom come in just try and be quite and don’t let her see you ok.” byeol said as she hugged me, “don’t worry it will all turn out all right.” With that she closed the door and we heard them go upstairs. “oh man Vicky im so nervous right now she is going to be here any minute!!!” Vicky came and hugged me. “don’t worry about that right now lets just put the candles on the cake and wait for mark just like he said if we just relax and follow the plan just like he said it will all be amazing. Okay?” I was about to respond when I heard her voice. When I heard her voice I froze Vicky was about to say something when she realized what was happening and she covered her mouth to stop herself from making a sound. I could hear her talking to my uncle saying that they didn’t have to throw her any party that this wasn’t necessary, my uncle just told her to accept it and to act surprised that either way since the family is all here that it would be good to have a family dinner. Then she said that her whole family wasn’t here. That was the last I heard as they walked up the stairs. I wanted to run to her... To tell her that I was there... That she didn’t have to be sad... I was getting up as I thought this and then Vicky put her hand on mine and looked me in the eyes and wiped my tears away. I sat back down and just nodded we continued to put the candles and candies on the cake as we waited for mark. ****************************************** Byeol P.O.V. Surprise!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!! We all shouted as my mom came walking in through the doors. Everyone came over to greet her and to wish her happy birthday and I waited until they had all finished then I went over and gave my mother a hug and wished her happy birthday. She was smiling and happy but I knew that she felt she was missing something. I held her hand and walked her to the middle of the room and I asked everyone to sit down. I thanked everyone for coming and for celebrating such a special day with us. I bowed to everyone, I said that I know my mother loves having all the family together that even though some were missing that they couldn’t just let the day pass by and i asked that everyone look to the projector screen, mark was ready by the door to leave. I pressed play and family pictures started to pop up and i could hear the ohh's and aww's as everyone relived old memories. and then ivy’s face popped up on the screen. “happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you...” I felt a tightening on my hand and I look over to see my mother with a hand over her mouth and tears streaming down her face. ******************************************** Ivy's P.O.V. I sat there placing candles when someone knocked on the door. “come in!” I said as mark walked in. saying that they were playing the video. We placed the last of the candles and headed out of the room. “if im timing this right we have another 5 mins or so.” Mark said. “ok do you have the lighter?” I asked mark. Then his eyes almost popped out of his head. “ohhhhhh dammit I left it up stairs!!!” he said as he felt through all his pockets. “nice going mark”. I walked over to the kitchen and asked one of the waiters if they had a lighter. “ oh yea just wait a second. JIMINAH!” I heard the waiter call out as I placed the last candle on the cake. “YEA????” I heard from someone approaching us. I looked up to see JIMIN!
again just thank you for waiting. and for reading my story i really appreciate that you are all enjoying it! being an adult and having to work all the time sucks sometimes its been hard to find time to just sit and write but i have a closing shift today and i really wanted to finish up the chapter and post it since i had time this morning. i hope you enjoy it and continue to enjoy the story as i post it up slowly but its happening lol <3 from E.
@MaritessSison yea I wasn't sure I had about three different ways to introduce him but I figured that him working at the restaurant she would be in on her first day in Seoul would be kinda serendipitous
Yay!! Jimin, now the fun begins!! Can't wait till the next update!😊
@ivyheart13 oh but how does she know Jimin? Did Ivy tell her about him?
I'm confused is Byeol and Ivy the same person or no??
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