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Hey Nakama!

Today's another installment of Waifu Wednesday here in the Anime Community! The theme for this particular WW is all about the non-human waifus in your laifu.
It's also day 5 of the Nakama Campfire Challenge and Giveaway, so make sure to do your NC cards!
Anyways, here's the waifu I pick for my WW!

It's Chii from Chobits!

Chii is the main female protagonist and love interest of Chobits. She is a persocom, a personal computer designed to look and act like a living girl.

Chii is found by Hideki, who cannot afford a persocom of his own. When he find her, she's unable to speak more than just the word 'Chi' which granted her her name.

Chii and Hideki have a romantic relationship that develops over the course of the manga/anime. Chii learns and grows because of Hideki, and Hideki gains emotional attachments.

Chii is arguably the most important persocom, because she can execute a program across all of the persocoms in the world that would stop them from being able to recognize individuals.

Because of her love for Hideki, she doesn't Activate this program, and instead all persocoms find the ability to feel love activated.
btw, I couldn't tag all yall in my card, and @hikaymm hasn't gotten back to me, would you mind tagging the whole crew on mine? and keeping me in the loop for this now?
good pick man!! that sounds awesome I actually skipped over this anime when I read the summary but yours is gonna make me reconsider
I forgot about chii omg
I wish I can have one too lol