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Do you have a Gameboy laying around somewhere? Are you pretty okay with your hands and making things? Then maybe you can make your Laying-Around-Gameboy into a Fully-Functional-GameMan.
It might take you a bit though because you're going to have to drill a couple holes for new wires for new buttons and then you'll have to do something else so you could make it run on a different kind of battery instead of those old-timey AA batteries.
And then there's a whole 'nother thing you gotta do to get all those games on a cartridge.
I'm not going to mess with you guys. I'm not smart enough to understand what the hell is going on from a technical standpoint to make all this stuff work and look cool. I just look at the thing and wish I could make something like it.
And you know, if I tried, I probably could. But I also probably won't try because I'm super lazy. If you're interested in that stuff and trying to make it on your own, I believe he put some pictures on imgur that'll help you get started with the build. And you can check those out here.
What do you guys think of this thing? Would you go out of your way to make one?
Basically he took all the guts out of the Gameboy. By the looks of it he put in a new screen and a Raspberry Pi. Ramped up the battery, making it rechargeable (like a phone battery), and a bunch of other stuff. It's a small computer in the plastic casing of a Gameboy, which I find very interesting.
but this is actually cool af
did homie shoot this on a 4k camera? I can see like every groove in his fingerprints
(Lol- GameMan!) Waaaay too much work for me, even if I did have an original Gameboy! My boyfriend can do this kind of stuff, but it kinda just goes right over my head!
This is awesome! I have a Gameboy Advance though so I don't know if it'll work the same way so I'm not going to try xD
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