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Basics are so important.

In order to create and recreate the perfect look, you need a few basics in your closet. While basic pieces tend to be plain and boring, they're also easier to dress up and work with.
If you're going for a more minimal look, you're already in the right ballpark. There are a few pieces that every woman needs in order to create a versatile wardrobe.
You can literally wear the same shirt every work and nobody would ever know because you're constantly recreating the look by adding your own fun flare.
If you own basics, but have no idea how to put them to use and create new looks -- keep scrolling and check out the video below.

What's your favorite basic item?

How do you dress up your basics?
All of the above are my staples. My favorite though is still a stripe tee. I got one from American Rag a couple years ago and I'm still wearing it because it's a great base for many outfits.
Great taste!!! @marshalledgar
Yessss! I remember your card on a striped shirt! I finally invested in another good one @cindystran
Girls in stripes. Love it! End of story! hahahaha
lol yesss! I will be keeping a look out for that card. I definitely understand what you mean though, as far as the foot needing to breathe. I'm a huge flat sandals kinda gal, so I get it @marshalledgar
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