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Let's talk about the women who invented nerd culture.

This is for the painfully oblivious writer at Forbes, the misinformed fools in this Reddit thread, and anyone else out there that thinks women are only interested in geek culture because it's 'trendy' and they think that can get male attention if they feign interest. In an exciting twist: It turns out that women invented all of the genres that now comprise 'geek' culture, and are a major part of the reason it's so popular today. Sci-Fi? Costumed superheroes? Horror? Forget the time women made Star Trek possible (and kept it on the air), women are the reason Star Trek existed in the first place.

Baroness Emma Orczy

Orczy worked with her husband as a translator and illustrator to supplement their income, and started writing after the birth of their first child. She's best known for The Scarlet Pimpernel, a story about a disguised hero who rescued aristocrats during the French Revolution. The Scarlet Pimpernel inspired characters like Zorro and Batman. You know, just some minor characters, nbd. While comic book creators drew inspiration from many sources, including the Greek pantheon, we probably wouldn't have masked vigilantes today without Baroness Emma Orczy.

Margaret Cavendish

Cavendish was a poet, playwright, essayist, philosopher, and romance writer. And unlike other women at the time, she wrote under her own name (instead of a male pseudonym). Her utopian romance Blazing World is one of the earliest examples of science-fiction. So before we thank Assimov, or Verne, we should probably give Margaret Cavendish a round of applause.

Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley was a writer from an early age, and Frankenstein is probably the most well recognized works of Gothic fiction today. (She was only 21 when it was published). There have been countless adaptations of the story, and it continues to inspire modern-day writers, filmmakers, and sci-fi enthusiasts.

So "fake" geek girls, let's unite!

We can keep inventing cool stuff and have a grand old time without everyone else. And don't forget to follow my collection for more amazing women to remember!