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The door opens and his hand drops immediately. You quickly take a drink of water. Bloody hell, he can’t be having the same dreams as you, can he? You shake your head, that’s ridiculous.
His group member forgot his jacket; your phone rings as he stops to chat with [HN] a minute. As soon as you hang up, the member turns to you with questions about the next routine you’re to teach them. As you grab your stuff to leave, you glance around for your phone, you just had it didn’t you? [HN] hands it to you and stands to leave also. You mumble a quick thanks, give quick one armed hugs and almost run out the door.
Behind you in the hall you can hear,
“Was that call an emergency? She’s been acting weird all day.”
You need to get a grip on your raging hormones. You have a few friends that have offered to be ‘friends with benefits’, but you just don’t think a substitute is going to do the job. You sigh as you head over to the next practice room, the next group on your list for the day.
You have mixed feelings about going to bed. On one hand you really want to have that dream again, maybe if it continues your hormones will settle down. On the other hand, if you get awoken again during it, seeing him tomorrow will be hell again.
Around 11, as you’re lying in bed debating whether to read or just try to sleep; your phone buzzes. That’s weird, no one texts you at this hour. You look at the screen; [HN] is showing on the screen. You don’t have his number, how?
HN: Noona.
YOU: [HN] is everything alright? What’s the matter?
HN: All is good. I was thinking about you.
YOU: How did your number get in my phone?
HN: I put it in after practice today while you were talking.
You sigh and smack your head with the phone, why? This man child is going to be the literal death of you.
YOU: Any reason?
HN: So you could talk to me if you need to. I want to help. I don’t like seeing you like you were today.
YOU: That’s very sweet, there are just some things…
HN: Don’t.
YOU: Don’t what?
HN: Treat me like a little boy. I’m a man; can you not treat me like any other man?
Oh boy. You definitely know he’s a man, that’s the main problem. You also think he's
a flirt. Most idols are, its part of their aegyo.
HN: Are you there? Is your silence your answer?
YOU: Yes I’m here. No it isn’t my answer. I know you’re a man.
HN: You let other men help you do you not? Why won’t you let me?
Hell; you may as well get it out in the open. If he laughs, that will put a damper on your dreams faster than any cold shower.
YOU: Because… you are the problem.
damn right he is the problem! Maybe he should fix the problem
I hate wet dreams they never satisfy
This guy is driving me crazy, really😑😑😑
Oooo...Man child wants you! lol
update soon ^_^ I can't wait to see what happens.
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