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I can't really remember how long ago but I wrote about Rock Band 4 being crowdfunded so they could port the game to PC. And one of their rewards -- if you happened to have 2,500 dollars laying around -- was to include all the DLC for the games in your copy of the PC version of the game.
But much like the idea of playing Rock Band on a computer, the effort in crowdfunding the port failed. And to be honest with you, I'm not really surprised at the fact that the port didn't get funded. It's something that didn't make sense to me in the first place.
So, if you're one of the few (there's probably like 20 of you) people who donated to the port, be happy that you're at least getting your money back. I don't know if anyone would be keen on giving money to a company that whats to port an existing title. Now, if Harmonix was trying to fund a totally new game, maybe things might have turned out differently.
Is anyone surprised by this news? Let me know in the comments!
in other news, an old man yelled at a pigeon in the park, and water remains wet.
@RaquelArredondo holy crap! That's ridiculous
in other news, an old man yelled at a pigeon in the park, and water remains wet.
@TurtleyTurtles you got it. lol. that was like the thing to do, but by the time there was guitar hero band, rock band 87, and the live one, the dancing games for kinect also, everyone was over it. nobody wants to move all there shit just to play a game for an hour with people you can't trust to get through the solo lol, or sing in front of others. I didn't think Harmonix kick starter would do well, especially so steep. Maybe it is was a couple hundred instead of a couple thou, greedy shits
Not a surprise at all. Are there a lot of people that still play Rock Band? It seems to be a phase for a lot of people. Just like DDR was. Everyone played it a lot for a while, and then just stopped. There's so many more interesting games out there these days!
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