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There's something about playing old SNES RPGs that younger kids these days don't really understand. Since the systems back then weren't as capable as the ones we have now we were stuck with turn-based RPGs and even though we had a whole collection of attacks and moves we could use or be used against us, we only saw a little slash animation on the screen.
So a lot of the actual "action" came from our imagination and what we thought those moves might look like. Or what those little pixelated guys might look like if they weren't pixelated at all. And this animated short, Sinmara Saga, by Jason Hendrich captures all of those things.
Or more importantly, it captures the feeling of wanting to rage-quit after, well, being torn apart by a boss you thought you were ready for.
Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when I clicked play on this video. But I ended up falling in love with it as soon as it started up. In about 3 minutes it brought me back to my childhood and feeling overwhelmed with some boss I thought I could handle.
And other than that, the animation on this short is amazing. It's got a really good style but it still feels old-school enough to fit within the realm imagining what games could look like. And honestly, it made me wish that this was something I could play right now.
What did you guys think of the short? Did it bring back any special memories?
This is so awesome! I relate with the guy at the end so much. Just looking at the cat and turning the game off. Lol. That's only when it's a boss that is part of the story, and you have no choice but to fight it or really grind on a small area. I hate grinding in one area in RPGs! Usually, if I run into an enemy that is too hard to beat, or try to beat an optional boss that kills me like this, I laugh and go on with the story.
this was cool as hell. the moment when she's trying to escape, only to have the attack option switch in. it feels like that sometimes dunnit
oh man this was AWESOME!!!!! I hated bosses like that hahaha
wow that was so bad ass! the animation was super well done, the switch between the 8bit pixel to the more fluid modern animation was awesome, a good way to as you said, give the feeling of nostalgia mixed with what you imagined happened. did you ever play legend of dragoon on ps1? that game was my bane. I have it on my ps3 and vita, haven't touched it since I bought it lol so hard!!!