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I love Sushi. I lover burgers. Normally, you don't get to enjoy both in one meal, but that comes to an end today.
Let me introduce you to the latest craze: A Sushi burger, which is a hamburger with rice for the buns and sushi filling inside.
Once the first picture was posted, the sushi burger took the world by storm, with more and more fans creating their own fun by forming rice into bun shapes.
The one issue with the burgers is the fact that rice would fall apart, so you are eating a hamburger with utensils. If you can get over that fact though, this is a pretty good meal.

What do you think? Ay or Nay on the sushi burger?

I'd make it myself, but I don't think I'd order one at a restaurant
I'm def going to give this a shot soon
@shannonl5 I would give it a shot at a restaurant depending on the price. If I made this at home I would probably mess this up lol
Ay for sushi burger