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What's going on in the Marvel community?

It's been a pretty hopping week here, let's see what you might have missed!

It's been a wild week!

Here's some of the cool stuff that's happened:
+Two birthdays!
Send some birthday wishes to @TambryInskeep ---> HERE and @KaisPrincess whose birthday is TODAY!
+Our resident fic writer @Krystalstar22 shared a new chapter ---> HERE
+The Community Guidelines have been updated!!! Please check them out ---> HERE

Your to-do list!

You thought it was all fun and games? [Ok, it totally is].
+Get in on the new 30 day Marvel challenge! You can see one by @JimTurpen ---> HERE
+Start a discussion card! Was there something from the comics you wish made it into the movies? Let's chat about it!
+And you know how to do this one: Keep being awesome!


What is your weirdest fear?
Mine is definitely zombies and I am not going to do anything about it. Talk about yours here! I promise I won't send you something scary in response ^_^

New? Say hello!

We don't bite (unless you ask us to) so please introduce yourself here! We want to talk to you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

And to the rest of you: Keep it weird.
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hm.... I think my weirdest fear is horror movies, I know that it its real but my nerves can't take it.
@AlexTalley I'm sure the filmmakers would be very flattered! They work hard to scare the crud out of people XD
I have a lot, but most of them are pretty basic. I don't like rats, snakes, birds (if they fly in my house. Lol). Spiders (I have so many stories about this one). Feet really freak me out I don't know why though, but I think this one is pretty common too.
@agoose007 oh wow birds do not belong indoors (unless they're pets lol)