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I'm sure I said this yesterday when I was talking about Enter the Gungeon but I'm really into games that are all pixely and junk. So when Trench Run fell into my Internet lap this morning, I got extremely excited that this game is an actual thing.
It looks like an intense side-scrolling multiplayer shooter that is also making fun of itself any chance it gets. It's marketing itself as a multiplayer game where no one dies? You can go to the bar with your enemies afterwards? Wait, is that a crocodile with a parachute?
There's a lot to like about Trench Run, for me anyway, because it's so absurd. If it was just a straight up semi-destructible side-scrolling shooty-pew-pew game, I don't think I'd be interested in it. Wait, are they playing basketball now? What even is this game? And why does it look so fun?
I'm glad I don't have to wait too long to get my hands on it. It looks like it'll be available on Steam TOMORROW (April 7th). So, if there are any of you who want to get a pixelated drink at a pixelated bar before we shoot each other into tiny pixels, let me know. I'll be picking this one up this weekend!
@TurtleyTurtles same here, but I'm willing to give this one a shot
@paulisadroid I don't really play games on the computer, but I might actually look into this one.
@TurtleyTurtles steam! hopefully PC and Mac (since I have a MacBook)
What is this going to be on? This looks like so much random fun! I don't like shooty-pew-pew games, myself, but I could play this! It reminds me of a 2D version of Smash Bros. I want to play it, I think! Lol.
what!? that was insane. the narrator was hilarious too lol. man I'd get it if it was console. I have zero computers. so I can't play it or I so would. my next big gaming expense will be getting a gaming desktop. consoles are great, it's what I grew up gaming on, but PC gaming is where gaming was born and where it all comes back to. I should have gotten one earlier in life