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The news came out last week when he was a part of a panel for the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia at the Paley Center. And when he was asked about the Pikachu game he said no and then proceeded to reveal that he has no idea what Pokemon is. They tweeted out the interaction and I left it for you below:
While this is a pretty big bummer, I still think he'd be the perfect voice actor for Detective Pikachu. I mean, the petition is still out there somewhere on the Internet. And he might be saying "no" now because he hasn't been offered the job yet.
But imagine he is and he goes for it. Do you know how awesome that would be? Do you know how ridiculous it would sound? Do you know that it would probably be the only thing that'll bring me a very innocent sense of joy and happiness?
Ugh... I can still dream though. I'm going to keep watching the fan-made edit (I left it below for you to enjoy as well) until any more news about the game coming to the West comes out.
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man, I need this even more