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Would You Still Like Marvel...

If they genderswapped all their characters?

Exact same stories, writers, artists, you name it. The only detail that changes is the gender and sex of the characters. Would you still be an avid fan?
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No, no I don't think I would like that at all. They picked the best actors to play all the hero's and villains. It just would be so weird. Definitely would hate it!
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If you really think about they already did that...during the movies. Pepper Potts wore the Ironman suit, She-Hulk, Lady Thor (Comics only)...the list goes on, you just need to read more than what's posted.
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I definitely would. there is already a She Hulk though. would that make the real SheHulk a ManHulk?
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I would... but wouldn't hulk and she hulk be the same thing if they swapped genders 馃槗
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Fuck yes! I adore them as women lol
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