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Another angle of .black signature. It's many talented chefs here ... yet... I haven't been cooking that long as I can recall... for me it's been about two years ... I guess it's safe to assume that I only thrive to want to be better .. so I practice a lot at home... learn at work ... but when I see chefs that's better than me.. I look at myself and I get motivated to be instantly better. But ... unfortunately I cannot be a master overnight. But the progress I made till now ... just shows I have talent .. and the passion to see my skill at where I'll be in another five years from now.. I'll be insane... but it's a day at a time thing... so... I keep on going and I know I'll be okay ... for somebody who's just been doing this for only short term.. it's only a matter of time before I reached a level of culinary greatness...
yea . with a plan and a vision , dedication and passion anything can be done
Exactly. ANYTHING! :)
Fabulous! Truly incredible and motivating to see what one can accomplish when they set out to do something. I love this because it applies to all areas of our lives. This dish looks DIVINE!!!!!!!!