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So me and my bestie/ roomate were in Michaels arts and crafts store today when we came to a realization that our last names as well as her daughter's last name together create total awesomeness. Her last inital B for Bennett, mine T for Taylor and her daughter's last name S for Stitt form the initials BTS! How awesome is that.... We have named ourselves 방탄 서녀 단 (Bangtan Seonyeo Dan) lol girl version!... We purchased the letters which are functioning books with empty pages... Im thinking of personalizing the inside of mine with collages of the concerts that I have been to so far... and as promised so lovely BTS spam for your lovely eyes... Go ARMY!
우리는 방탄소년단!
Some V love! V is life! Yaaassss....
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thats so cute! haha 😆