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In another card by @Danidee, she posted a hilarious slew of cakes that were on the passive-aggressive side, which YOU HAVE TO SEE HERE!
You might be able to explain away idiocy run amok when it comes to birthday cakes and going-away cakes. But HOW IN THE HELL can you screw up a wedding cake?! Like, this is YOUR PRIMARY business! HOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? I really want to know!
And beyond that, how can you honestly go to sleep at night being paid for crappy cake like this?!
I found these images on a site called There's plenty more there. But this is the BEST EXAMPLE of when a poor unsuspecting bride pays for a dreamy wedding cake, and instead, gets a piece of sh!t cake at full price (with no refunds)!!!!
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I do not like this cake, I'm too perfectionist!! sorry!
HAHAHA Trust me, I don't like the cake either--for obvious reasons @mayraruiz1 LOL :)
I would cry and eat it !
this reminds me, my sister in laws baby shower cake got there looking sof bad we had to call for an immediate redo . it was made of one suppose to look like a 2 layer jungle but somehow the wind layer smashed into 1st. she was so emotional
I'd be pisssssssssed @stephosorio