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Ready ladies? We are about to start having some fun! I wrote part 3 last night and thought I'd posted it and was so excited to post 4 that you get a bonus today - LMAO. Have you narrowed it down to your one boy toy? I am seriously a noona to the WHOLE freaking industry - so sad, so all of mine had to duke it out. Let me know which group your guy is from - GOT7 won my spot.
He doesn’t respond after that. Just as well you tell yourself and turn your phone off just in case. You’d rather not know if he’s showing everyone how pathetic the noona is. One more night of dreams before facing the reality of it tomorrow can’t hurt, right?
Just as well there weren’t any dreams; you barely slept for the anxiety of facing him at practice today. You may be his noona but you still have feelings and desires, you aren’t dead.
Arriving at practice early allows you to be prepared for when everyone else arrives. They all act completely normal when they get there. Several members come up and give you their typical hug greeting; all but [HN]. You have your answer you figure, time to get practice started.
“Warm up,” you call out and they each proceed to start their stretches. Out of the corner of your eye you see a jacket come off, leaving only a muscle shirt. That’s fine, not like he hasn’t worn anything like that to practice before. You get your pointer out, just to annoy him.
“Let’s see the dance twice through, no mistakes and we’ll move on to the new one.”
You roll your eyes and snicker as you notice he completes the dance perfectly both times. So, they were all just being lazy yesterday huh? Well, that was yesterday, they’ll pay for it today.
“Alright gentlemen, since you seem to have recovered your ability to dance today; we shall learn the majority of the new dance today.”
The music starts and you hit the floor showing them the whole new dance. Moans and groans greet you when you finish,
“Got it?”
By the end of the first set teaching session, it is time for a break. Already sweaty and exhausted they grab their water bottles and start to complain.
“Noona, why are you so cruel today?”
“Are you fighting the crimson war? Do you need some chocolate?”
You turn your head slightly and look over at that member with a “really?” look.
He immediately looks ashamed but adds,
“I’d go get you some, I don’t mind.”
You just shake your head and roll your eyes.
[HN] stands up; “Come on guys, if she wants to push us, let’s show her what we’re made of.”
He turns to you and strips off his muscle shirt. The other members start making cat calls and a few others strip their shirts off to join him.
“Okay Noona, give us your worst.”
A few even slap their chests like “come at me brah”. You smile smugly; oh little boys want to play…
Game on.
By the end of practice you are only slightly sweaty but they are absolutely dripping. You look over with a head shake and laugh as you throw towels and fresh water bottles to each. As they pass [HN] they smack him in the butt,
“Dude, never listening to you again. Why you bait the tiger?”
He leaves with the rest of his members after practice and you head immediately out the door to the next group practice. On the way to your car you receive a text;
[HN]: Tiger. I like that name for you, stirs up all kinds of ideas.
The water you’d been drinking goes spewing out of your mouth onto your phone, your chin, your shirt, and the ground in front you. You’ve really got to stop underestimating this man.
@LemonLassie 😂😂😂 Me too!!
when do we get to play!? i wanna play now!
both were amazing!! and Im either the same age or I'm a noona to a lot of the industry. but because we are a dance instructor i went with bts 😜
I'm a Noona to almost all of the industry sad.
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