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Yeah day 6..let's get started.

Día 6: Favorite ship(s)

-Seyoung and myself lol jkjk But seriously Seyoung with every member. So enjoy the show of a little of each
Must start with the Hyung and Maknae ship [Yongseok and Seyoung] How adorbs. Could this be your favorite ship?
SePer [Seyoung & Casper] or SeShin [Seyoung & Shin]? Wae so cute though.. Could any of these two be your favorite ship?
Fan favorite SeKuya [Seyoung & Takuya]. All that skinship though.... ㅠ_ㅠ Could this be your favorite ship?
SeMin!!! [Seyoung & Sangmin] It'll be a real tragedy if Sangmin takes over my heart with my favorite Seyoung & beats my wrecker out of place. *googly eyeseu* -Favorite ship at the moment lol because just look at these two eye candies. They match awww. Could this be your favorite ship?
Okis, I must wake up. Who's your favorite ship? Tagging my small CandY lovelies: @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 @jerrilynnpope