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Greetings Carats!

For those of you who don't know,

@MorganElisabeth is the lovely moderator for Seventeen.

@ChelseaJay is the moderator for the Hip-Hop unit.

@IsoldaPazo is the moderator for the Vocal unit.

But not long ago, @MorganElisabeth was looking for 2 moderators for each unit. Luckily and Suprisingly, I got the self esteem to ask her about becoming a moderator for the Performance unit (My bias unit xD).
I'm very very VERY excited to annouce that I am the potential moderator for the Performance unit. So let me help introduce you to the members in the unit!
Here is the card I made for all of Seventeen :D

The Leader

-Stage Name: Hoshi
-Birth Name: Kwon SoonYoung
Affiliation : Performance team leader
Specialty : Seventeen MC
Unique Features : Because of his powerful dance, his training pants had a short life
Cautions : He collects Seventeen members’ bizarre photos
Image Keywords: In charge of Seventeen choreography, strong mind and physique, leadership, guardian angel for the team’s mood

Wen Jun Hui

-Stage Name: Jun
-Birth Name: Wen Jun Hui
Affiliation : Performance team
Specialty : Martial arts
Unique Features : Always have snacks in his bag
Cautions : He’s hiding when he sing
Image Keywords : Quiet-handsome boy, child actor’s acting experience

Xu Ming Hao

-Stage Name: The8
-Birth Name: Xu Ming Hao
Affiliation : Performance team
Specialty : B-boy
Unique Features : Glutton who eats meal thrice a day
Cautions : Straightforward speech in korean
Image Keywords: ears, eyes, mouth that fits on small face, smile that can make the opponent disarmed

Cutie Maknae, Dino

-Stage Name: Dino
-Birth Name: Lee Chan
Affiliation : Performance team
Specialty : Michael Chan-son
Cautions : Amazed at skyscrapers and get lost in Seoul (bad with directions)
Image Keywords : Inherited his dancer parents’ dancing skill, constant desire to improve himself, practice-bug (someone who’s constantly practicing)


The reason why I really wanted to be the moderator for the performance team is because I feel like I can relate to them more then the other units. I relate to all the members in each different way. Especially Dino because he is the youngest and I'm the youngest moderator. But I always had the passion to dance. I usually practice non-stop anywhere and everywhere I go. But lately, I have been stanning the Performance unit and I honestly wish I could dance like them. How to have the MJ skills like Dino, Can do many epic flips like Ming Hao, Have that robot feel like Hoshi and the sexy an teasing ways of Jun.


( I died at the 3rd video xD)

I hope you all got to know a little bit about the dashing Performance unit :D

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This is beautiful! You will make a wonderful mod dear!!!
@MrsJungHoseok . Oh okay thanks ;)
My question is what do they do ? Like we have the vocal unit and Hi Hop unit that's pretty self explanatory!
This was interesting! Congrats:)
@MrsJungHoseok No problem at all dear!! ♡♡
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