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One Shot: Psychotic

"Doctor Han, It's your turn to examine Seung Cheol today" The head doctor, Dr.Park,  looked at her "Be careful, I heard he's in a mood" He sighed and walked away, writing something down on his clipboard Areum silently cursed at him. No one knew who he really was, or what he's gone through. None of the other doctors or nurses understood why she wasn't scared of him. But she didn't care if they understood or not. A hand was placed on her shoulder and she flinched "You know, I have never understood you. And I've been working here for as long as you have" Another nurse, who also happened to be her best friend, explained to her. "Naeun it's too hard to explain" Areum shook her head at her friends statement, writing a few things down before looking up at her. "Is it really? Or is It that you simply don't want to tell me?" Naeun questioned her, feeling a bit offended. She ran a hand through her hair and walked into her office, na eun following behind her. "It's not that, I'm just afraid you won't understand the situation I'm in" Sitting down in her chair, she turned around to look out the window "I'm sure I will..or at least I'll try to" Naeun smiled and leaned against the wall. "I'm sorry I'm just..stressed out.." She mumbled and rubbed her face, closing her eyes "I understand...I mean good grief you're only 20! You're the youngest doctor here! You're impressive though I'll admit that" Naeun then pouted and leaned in closer to her "All the doctors are jealous of you and because of that, they say really horrible things about you and how you don't deserve the job.." she grumbled "All the people here are quite stingy" "It's fine..I don't really mind. I love what I do..I don't do it just for money, unlike them" Areum scrunched up her nose But then sighed "I love helping people because it's what I'm good at" She looked up at her friend and smiled "..You're so cool" Naeun grinned and hugged her best friend, stroking her head like a proud mother would Before Areum could reply there was a loud beep running through out the hallway. "Emergency!" a panicked voice cried out over the intercom "Patient 0808 has escaped! everyone stay in your offices and lock the doors immediately!!" Areum sat up immediately and whispered "Seung Cheol.." she turned around to look at Naeun "I Need you to stay here and lock the doors okay?" She explained, her voice turning serious. "But unnie-" "Naeun! I need to find him before security does! I don't want them to hurt him!" She yelled, the panic clear in her voice. Naeun froze and looked at her best friend "I see it now...I know exactly why you're acting like him, don't you?" The girl couldn't help but smile. It sounded romantic when she thought about it, her childhood friend was literally living in a K drama. Areum held back her blush and gripped onto her clip board "No I don't!" "If you don't love him, Then you at least have feelings for him right?" She smirked mischievously Areum sighed and opened her door quickly, turning back to look at her "...Yes..I do" Flashing her best friend a small smile, she shut the door to her office and ran to the first place she knew he would go. The Rooftop. She ran up the flight of stairs, breathing heavily from all the running she was doing. How did he even get out? She was just about to go and visit him! How could he escape so quickly in the first place? Stopping at the door to the roof, she carefully opened it and stepped outside. And there he was, reaching his hand out to the sunlight. Her heart broke at the sight..yet she felt her heart beat quickly in her chest. He looked like an angel that had just descended from heaven. Areum walked towards him and sighed in relief, slowly wrapping her arms around him from behind "You should be more careful" "I just..."He sighed "I wanted to feel the sunlight on my fingers...and to breathe in fresh air for once" the pain in his voice was clear to her. "I was going to bring you up here later on today.." She stepped back and turned him around "and by the way, I'm going to talk to the hospital board about becoming your personal nurse" a small yet happy smile came upon her lips She waited for his answer but he didn't say a word, he just stared at her. "Seunch-" He cut her off by gently placing his hands on her slightly red cheeks, gazing down at her with endearment "Your name really does suit you.." He mumbled, smiling softly "You really are beautiful inside and out.." The pads of his thumbs stroked her skin slowly, the content smile never leaving his face. "What is this? Why are you getting so cheesy all of a sudden?" she coughed a bit and avoided his gaze "What? Am I not allowed to be?" he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up. "Not in this kind of situation!" Areum whined and clung to him "I swear if you drop me you'll be-" "Dead..I know" Seung Cheol cut her off and chuckled, hugging her close to his chest. And suddenly The door to the roof burst open. "Hands up now!" Areum calmly turned around and looked at the group of policeman "It's okay! I'll lead him to his room. He's harmless I assure you" she smiled at them and gently grabbed his arm. "But Miss-" One of the policemen interrupted but she cut them off "No butts. None of you know who he is!" Areum suddenly exploded in anger "He shouldn't even be here! He's completely normal! But None of you see that!" She turned around to look at him "Just because someone has had a rough life...doesn't mean they're crazy.." she patted his hand and smiled up at him "Some people just need time to heal" With a glare, she turned back around "Now when I leave, None of you even try to lay a finger on him...understood?" The policemen grumbled "Fine..but if we get in trouble you'll be the one explaining what happened up here, not us" The smile on Seung Cheols face became even wider. He followed her down the steps, humming softly.
Once they got to his room, she walked in and led him inside before locking the door. As Areum opened her mouth to say something, He cut her off "You know..." he trailed off as he walked towards her slowly "You're hot when you're angry" He cooed and laid down on his bed, pulling the smaller girl into his arms "Are you seriously talking about that right now? Gosh, sometimes you say the most irrelevant things" Areum sighed and held back a smile, tucking her face into his neck. One of the things she loved most about him, was that he was incredibly gentle when it came to holding her in his arms. "It's not my fault your so beautiful" he scoffed and squeezed her sides, a playful smile on his lips. "No! Stop" the small girl whined And squirmed around in his arms. Quickly, she stopped him by grabbing his hands and intertwining their fingers together. The man stopped And looked down at her, his smile slowly slipping off his face. For a moment, she thought he was angry with her and almost pulled her hands away. That was until she noticed the content look on his face. They both looked into each other's eyes and it felt as if time stopped. Just outside the room, Naeun stood there and looked at the two kids with a smile on her face. The doctors and nurses were signing in relief, happy that nothing was as hectic anymore. "Nurse Son, you tell Mrs.Han to meet me in my office in five min-" Dr.Park began to speak until Naeun cut him off "I want you to send Seung Cheol home" she turned to look at him "There's nothing wrong with that man" Dr.Park shook his head "You know I can't do that. Unless we send a doctor to watch on him 24/ know we don't do things like that here" "Yes you can. I know just the right doctor for the job" She stepped aside so he could look into the room where Areum and Seung Cheol were resting. Dr Park glanced into the room and froze at what he saw "She isn't allowed to-" "There is a cure for some mental diseases, Dr Park" Naeun interrupted him and sighed in distress "I wish you would see that" As she was walking away Dr Park sighed "Tell her I want to see her in my office as soon as possible..we'll talk about this home nurse situation.." he walked away with a grunt. Naeun grinned widely and hurriedly knocked on the room door "Areum! Areum!!" Areum whined, annoyed at being woken up by a yell "Make it stop.." Seungcheol hummed and pulled her up a bit "Come on, princess. It sounds important" She whined and sat up, opening the door "What is it?" Naeun grinned "Dr Park wants to see you in his office!" Areum gulped "Why do you sound so happy? Isn't that a bad thing?" She sighed "I'm most likely in trouble" Her friend shook her head and hummed "Not exactly...he's going to talk with you about the Home Nurse thing" "Wait..he's actually thinking about it?" She suddenly stood up straight, surprised "Yeah! But only because I mentioned it to him" she winked "You're welcome" Areum teared up "She's the best" She started crying and covered her face as the tears came down like a water fall "Aigoo, look at you" Seungcheol let out a laugh and cupped her flushed red cheeks, lightly wiping her tears with the pads of his thumbs "Big baby~" he cooed and placed her head onto his broad chest And saying that only made her cry even more. Her hands weakly pushed against his chest and She whined "Why aren't you happy?" he hummed and stroked her hair "Unless crying is a way of expressing your happiness.." She groaned in frustration and pulled away, smiling faintly "You have no idea what's going on around you, do you?" Seungcheol feigned annoyance and gasped "How rude. Of course I do" he turned away from her and crossed his arms, blowing some of his hair out of his eyes. "Do you even realize what this means? Seungcheol, you're getting out" Areum explained, a wide smile on her face. She expected him to hug her, but what she didn't expect was for him to jump around the room like a five year old. The smile on his face was absolutely unexplainable. Never had she ever seen him smile so widely before. After he was done jumping around the room, Seungcheol sat down and pulled her into his lap, hugging her against his body and cradling her like a baby " I'm not crazy?" he mumbled quietly, resting his forehead against hers as he closed his eyes "Not still need to have therapy sessions, but I'll be the one giving them to you and if you adjust well to the sessions then you wont need therapy anymore" she smiled and opened her eyes "Maybe there is a cure for psychosis after all
I KNOW THIS WAS SHORT AND IM SO SORRY BUT I'VE BEEN WORKING ON IT ALL WEEK SO I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT ❤❤ IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TAGGED IN FUTURE ONE SHOTS/SCENARIOS, PLEASE TELL ME ^^ news: and I'm also writing another one shot with one of the members of Boys Republic, but I'm not sure who yet All I know is that it's going to be based off the MV Get Down :^))
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Love the story, it's really great!😁👍
Please tag me in more!!!!
Tag me in all your future posts please! This was seriously good, I loved it thank you for writing it!
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