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A couple days ago I shared an Eyeliner Idea card that showed off 9 creative and stylish ways to wear it. You can click here in case you missed it.
Now, I want to show you COLOR!
Spring is all about the pastels and the bolds. While there are numerous colors on the market for eyeliners, how often do you actually use one? Maybe you're iffy on the idea.
Well, to inspire you that color liners are hot, sexy and doable, here are four distinct looks by an Insta makeup artist who goes by the name Sunny (@sunnymint7).
Can you pick a favorite? A. B. C. or D.
@dianes6711 sending lots of warm thoughts ♡
practice ladies. do you know the time, effort and practice that drag queens invest in getting their mug stamped?! don't worry about getting it right the first time. enjoy the process. 😂😃😄
A is not my favorite color but the others are va va voom. 😍 I would definitely have to practice this look 😌 because I know that I would butcher this real fast on the first few go's.
@Animaniafreak with the liquid colors, the application is soooooo smooth and easy. try using the color crayons though. the ones that are eye/lip. you can smudge, smear, blend, and remove them easily.
@marshalledgar too hard! My hand always tremble like the winter leave, it takes me a good 30 min with just the ordinary eyeliner, imaging how much longer if I were to use the colour one. probably fall asleep half way through....
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