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there are 5 great nations and each day from Monday to Friday the leaders and their villages will get a day to themselves (friends in the community are welcome to join)
in the cards well have a character profile for the kage themselves or the people in that certain village
mon-kazekage tues-mizukage wed-Tsuchikage Thurs- hokage fri- raikage
villages include -stone/rock -cloud -leaf -sand -mist
Sweet, can't wait for the mizukage!! I love her spunky n spiky yet seductive n sweet attitude. She is super sexy and in need of a husband, I'm free!! Haha. This will be fun!!
yeah sure and thank you, I just have to tag other nakama
Btw great job on your first, awesome, Naruto community card Santa!! Legit card for sure NAKAMA!! And great idea!! I wanna post a side card about the kage each day for this as well if that's cool? Just personal likes and such about them!!
yes starting next week
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