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This unknown meme/quote may not be the funniest, but it speak a WHOLE LOT OF TRUTH!
Just last week I dropped $100 on 5 makeup products.
The week before that I dropped $140 on micro dermabrasion and skincare kit.
Three months ago I dropped $15,000 on cosmetic surgery.
I'm a bit preoccupied with vanity.
Don't leave me out in the open, all vulnerable and whatnot. Please tell me that I am not the only one!
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I can relate to this
Our obsessions...smh
You aren't. TRUST ME!! I try to be careful with the beauty spending but I still end up going over a little. It's normal 馃榿
I'm like this with clothes. I'll go into Target for their grocery section and leave with a bunch of Target summer dresses because UNLIKE WALMART I feel like you can buy clothes at Target without feeling like you're dressed horribly lol.
They have a chic selection