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I may be a little late, however that means nothing. Our sweetie Jaehwan's birthday is happening!!!!
What to say about this boy! He is definitely the middle child of Vixx. He's the one that eases the age gap between the hyung line and the dongseangs. He's responsible but that surely does not mean Jaehwan doesn't know how to have his fun. He's a huge goofball!
Jaehwan is the mood maker for sure. He knows how to brighten anyone's day and we all know that Vixx is surely safe with this silly man around. Sometimes he's somewhat crazy, but that's what we love about him!!! Jaehwan's bright personality is what makes him himself. Not to mention his voice is beautiful! The man is definitely one of many talents. He's so gifted it astonishes me sometimes to be honest.
I could not say enough I love of this man. He can cheer me up no matter what I'm feeling, even if he makes me question his sanity on a daily basis. :D I love him and I can't wait to see what else he has in store in the future. Make sure to get a lot of rest Jaehwan, so you can continue to be Starlights moodmaker for a long time! 사랑해!!!!!!!
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