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In dedication to @alywoah..Literally just finished making it. Buen provecho. (virtually) I don't have anyone else to tag ㅠ_ㅠ
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That looks very delicious. What's it called?
@alywoah I'll find a way to send you some. @MelissaGarza it's called mofongo. made with plátanos, garlic, olive oil and topped off with shrimp.
@IsoldaPazo yummy! I have never had that before. I'll need to look around and see who can make this for me 😊 (I'm not a really good cook but love to 😂)
@MelissaGarza what state do you live in? I travel between here and Louisiana pero know a few Boricua places where you can try it. hopefully it will be a nice experience for you. and if you ever travel here I'll cook. (we cook everyday seriously)
Dem skrimps tho.