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this is about Korea 1 the Korean age system is weird like in Korea when you are born you add 1 on your age because when you are born you are 1 in Korea
also the clothes are way different to USA UK etc. like bra size in Korea is at least a A-C if you are above C they don't have that bra
also the food. The food is spicy in some the candy is good (I had some Korean snacks) Now there's even some food in Korean dishes that have Dog meat (only like Alder Koreans seems to eat it) I forgot the name of dishes.
music most of you only seem to like kpop but Korea has so many more genre of music like rap,rock,metal,r&b,classical, trot I just wanna make thus quick blog
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@EmilyPeacock yeah because people in Korea don't really have big boobs that's why they say bring your own bras and stuff
yeah I need like twenty bras to bring with me and then I have to order them off the Internet and have them shipped. I am not a standard for Korean beauty. lol
@VeronicaArtino lol Korea is a very small body place sucks if you have big boobs
yep sucks for me. lol @LesbianKpopper