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As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to share in a card and dedicate it to @TessStevens (who may already own a pair of these babies!)!!!!!!!
It's the "Toboggan."
And it comes in black, nude, yellow and blue. Take a look!
About the shoe:
"Toboggan's" exotic 100mm silhouette inverts the classic half d'Orsay to expose the outer edge of the foot. This exquisite shape is held together by an elegant narrow strap over the toe. In pacific patent leather, she will perfect your evening looks this season.
While I am not a fan of the Louboutin style (in general), I am enamored with these!!!!!! And quite honestly, I see no reason why you wouldn't want ALL FOUR! Seriously!
Who is chomping at the bit for these?!!?!?!?! @Alywoah, sorry, I know you won't like these, but you never know...
@marshalledgar lol 馃槀 they will have to start mass producing these shoes
I wanna see these on every woman's feet...starting...NOW! @myaffairwith
@marshalledgar oh heck ya! Definitely the blue one and the nude. Black is also nice as well.
Oh wow! I love the yellow the most. but I do love all of them. that blue one !!!!!! @myaffairwith
I love all these heels minus the yellow one because yellow is not my favorite color