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My poor children...I will ruin their lives, as I have already ruined mine. 2 seconds later... Pffftttt what life?
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Where's the lie?
2 years ago·Reply
XD omg, I can see me and my kids doing this. I'll be rewatching the "old" kpop videos reminising on the memories, and then my daughter comes in, sits down and watches them with me. XD so hilarious
2 years ago·Reply
As soon as you enter the kpop world, no matter how unintentional it was, the definition of "life" erases from your mind completely
2 years ago·Reply
the accuracy xD
2 years ago·Reply
my son loves kpop and khiphop...he is only 8 so I taught him well since the womb. he will be a well rounded individual lol
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