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I have been around too many couples to know that I don't know everything there is about love and relationships. However, the flip side is that because I have been around millions of couples, I have come to see a sad truth: there is an under value and appreciation for what you both have collectively in your relationship. It's also true in how each person undervalues the other.
Then, to complicate things, there is this enormous push to value things that don't exist, such as the fakery seen on TV, in movies and propogated via social media.
Instead of pointing to how much better other couples have it, why not celebrate what you do have. And in those instances of where things could be better--take action to make it better.
As someone who is single, I am all too aware and guilty of bemoaning the negative and giving value to things that are fool's gold and pure fiction. Things that I want to be true, but know aren't. Illusive things like beauty. Yeah, I spend GOBS OF MONEY on vanity, thinking it will make me better (somehow), but I know the truth deep down, that I am who I am, regardless of a nose job. And regardless of the other procedures, I am still me.
Not here to judge--just help those that need a nudge in the right direction.
Wow love this card! Seriously being in a loving relationship is one of the greatest parts of my life ! This actually inspired me to write I care about my loveeee haha so thanks !!!!
This is some great wisdom!
I agree with you!!
@jordanhamilton true. but we gotta change that.
Great quote! I def think as human beings in general we should appreciate what we have more often.
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