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So a little while back, a friend invited me to a preview night event of a new concept restaurant opening that uses meat in kind of unconventional ways. There's bison chipotle sausages, venison meatballs, and jambalaya made with alligator andouille.
Those were okay, I guess. But dessert was WAY better.

This is Churro Chicharrónes, Mexican-style pork skin fried in a cinnamon-sugary churro batter then served up with whipped cream and a heavy drizzle of Nutella.

You guys, no amount of sugar could cover up the fact you were eating a pork product, and depending on how you feel about chocolate-covered smoky meat flavor, you'll probably feel completely different ways.

How do YOU guys think churro chicharrónes would be?

At first I was like: ......Nope. But bro... Whip cream and Nutella!! shiiittt, sounds vry gud my friend.
I'm hesitate to try this one.. It sounds appealing but.. Idk.. Maybe
At first no, but when I think about it, I say definitely worth trying. BTW has a comparison of American pork grinds and chicharrones been done, bc I was try to stay away from the American version since it tastes "off" in a way.
@budyyesd same. But those two sound amazing together. I am always down for a mix of savory and sweet
I never knew this existed
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