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The folks over at ColinCowieCelebrations put together this fun quadboard that asks you to choose between the four most common styles of bridal floral bouquets.

The four types:

Pure Elegance
Cascading Romance
Effortlessly Chic
Vibrant Glam
What I truly love about the wedding industry is that, while there are definite rules and best practices, there are a million and one ways to take "common" and "traditional" ideas into a new dimension. You can put a spin on things. Add your personal style and vibe.
Ultimately, it's about being true to who you are and what you're about. If you love the great outdoors, then you'd probably avoid the glitz of a $15,000 bouquet. However, just because you like the rustic vibe, doesn't mean you have to saddle yourself with a posy of daisies either. You can amp it up with something like wild cotton!
What do you think you might do for your wedding?
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thanks for noticing and commenting @mayraruiz1
2 years ago·Reply
beautiful Marshalledgar. It would be a combination of Vibrant Glam & Cascading romance
2 years ago·Reply
Nice picks @heartofgold
2 years ago·Reply
thanks Marshalledgar.
2 years ago·Reply