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unless it's skincare or foundation, else I always go with the price. You can tell the difference in quality between brands when it comes to skincare, but makeup is another story! Sometimes you try on expensive lip colours or eye shadows, they feel no difference to cheaper brands!
love the shades. one thing about wet n wild brand, though, it oftens feels really heavy, if that makes sense??
I love that last one! I would wear that often, as long as it's not sticky. That's one reason I don't wear lipstick. That, and because my lips are kinda big, so I feel no need to accentuate them. But that color would be a great every day wear for me. I almost always go for cheaper over name brands. I do that with almost everything. Why pay a lot for something you can get for cheaper?
you know that's so true @animaniacfreak
Totally makes sense @petname83
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