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Hate is a strong word, but there are a few anime cliches that do get on my nerves a little.

Excessive Fanservice

I'm okay with fan service. I even appreciate it most of the time. But when anime makes a point of doing it, it's invasive and distracting. I'm looking at you, Fairy Tail. I'm not even gonna get into ecchi

Obligatory Unnecessary Bleach Episode

This is kind of an extension of the first one, but almost every anime has at least one beach episode which exists solely for the purpose of fanservice. It is almost always a filler episode which may not even have any contextual basis. *cough* Bleach *cough* They're like bad fanfics made real. Though these episodes can be cute and fun, they get old fast.

The Overwhelming Power of Friendship

Need I say more? When all else fails, the hero always saves the day with the power of friendship! We all love our nakama, and this is a good inspirational message, but it's a little ridiculous, and it's everywhere, so it gets old even faster than the beach episodes. It's not so much that it's gotten annoying as just comical.
So, while I'm not too strongly against these cliche's, I do kind of get sick of them. Here are my other Nakama Campfire cards, if you wanna check 'em out: Anime Character I'm Most Like My Birth Year Anime Most Fashionable Anime Character Older Anime That I Love {WW} My Non-Human Husbando Harem If you wanna get in on the Nakama Campfire fun, HERE's the original card from our fearless leader, @InVinsybll You can check out my and everyone else's NC cards in his Nakama Campfire! collection too! Also tagging @NikolasSatterwh Oh, and if you also want me to start tagging you for my Nakama Campfire cards, or any other cards, for that matter, please feel free to ask!
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I agree with you here
2 years ago·Reply
Obviously we watch anime for the plot. Its interesting, different genres, and you can relate with the characters all the time.
2 years ago·Reply
The world was suppose to end in 2012 lol. that is a funny card.
2 years ago·Reply
interesting selections. Yeah the excessive fanservice I hate, I actually feel like Fairy Tail isn't to bad on it, those stupid filler episodes to get all the girls in bikinis ugh..Fairy tail also does a really nice job using the power of friendship in still emotionally relevant ways. it's cliché as fuck but I still get the feels, at least so far I'm on like ep138. though I hate this arc but like the tower of heaven grimroie hearts, tenjou island, I liked the power if friendship cliché on. jesus you popular lol @OtakuDemon10
2 years ago·Reply
@SAMURXAI lol, yeah it's nice to know all the hard work I put into these cards is appreciated!
2 years ago·Reply