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Well, there are probably a lot of opinions on this topic but here's one of the proofs Goku wins.
ok so superman depends on the sun and a red sun well render him powerless so all goku has to do is instant transmission superman to a solar system with a red su. or no sun and voila, as goku has traveled a good amount of the universe he would know where to find a few. But with goku being goku he would take superman to the solar system with the youngest sun possible ( being that superman is stoner the younger the sun) just for the challenge. so we just call it unpredictable.
if Goku can go anywhere, couldn't he get kryptonite?
Superman actually has limits to his strength (thus why batman can go toe to toe with him in a steel suit)
@drako2309 that's the point goku runs the risk of transporting him to a blue star also so mute point is mute
@AndersonTapia if he blew the sun up it would destroy all the planet's up to mars killing goku in the process because superman has survived supernovas before
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