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((A/N: I am even giving you a forward sneak peak of the first chapter. Inspired by our beloved @BBxGD... so @lovetop your not alone XD)) .(AsianFanFics link:

What Do You Do....

> When Two Guys what feel too good to be real start to show interest in you... > Your world, felt dull though so they spice it up for you, but it came with a price... >All those fairy-tales, and horror movies, you grew up with weren't actual lies.

They were all REAL.

"Excuse Me! Miss!" I came running over to the customer that was calling me over, but the second I got to them, another person signal for me. I was the only one tending the bar, and it was Friday Hell Night. Meaning the club was going to pack like no tomorrow. Its usually easy to manage, but we had three people call out with the flu. "What's a person got to do to get some service around here!" Someone started to complain and people around him were chiming in, with their complains. I was at the verge of tears when someone grabbed the guy that started the chains of complains by the collar. He lift the man up with one hand, and was growling under his breath. "Your bitch ain't helping anyone... The bar low staff due to the flu you prick, she doing the best to service everyone, so shut your mouth or go somewhere else." I smiled warmly at the man that stop the chains of complains. He gently put the guy down, and watched the man run away. Then he took the now empty seat. I gave him a shot on the house, and got a bright white smile from him. It sent chills down my spin, making me shy. I went back to doing my best to serving the customers orders, but I left someone's eyes following me the whole time. I realize near the end of the night, the one watching me the whole time was the man that help me out. He even stood till a couple minutes before closing, while finishing off his scott. We made eye contact as I started to clean up the bar. "Do I actually get to hear you say it, instead of showing it in liquor form?" I just blinked at him confused one of my co-workers scream at the top of her lungs.


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