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Waifu Wednesday{WW} Non-Human Edition
It's that time of week again people! This time we have Rias Gremory From High School DxD She is one hot devil and younger sister of the devil king himself, Lucifer. @hikaymm @InVinsybll Happy Waifu Wednesday Guys ^w^
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thanks @NeckoNecko I really liked High School DxD for it being so heavy on the nudity and fan service. it was a great story, with endearing characrers, and Rias and Issei's budding relationship was sweet to watch, even though Issei wanted the harem, rias accepted him and loved him anyway, you could tell he loved her too, just felt like he wasn't good enough for her. and it was fucking hilarious, like funnier than any anime I've ever seen with its dialogue
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@SAMURXAI Did you know there's an upcoming season probably this year or next year
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no way!? I thought because of how poorly received new born was and the trouble the original voice actor for Issei got in they wouldn't be continuing it. that's awesome! I'd love to see more of that story
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the English actor I mean
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@ErikFrausto Shut up everyone within this community will have at least around 5-10+ waifus that are the same Anime Logic Bruh...
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