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The Last anti shadow weapon from the Persona 3 game(which was also made into a movie and a manga series) Aigis is an android made by the Kirijo group and was the last surviving android of the experimental shadow indecent but that is another story
Her personality is mostly her following orders but later on after a fight(I'm not spoiling it for anyone who hasn't played the game or watched the movies) making her feel more kind and gentle with a strong heart
And talk about her weapons, this android is good with wide range of attacks with bullets, rocket guns, cannons and even a bazooka also she has her own persona that she can activate herself
Plus shes too cute!
Okay yeah your totally right it's been a bit since I played. labrys is pretty. her voice was interesting too
@SAMURXAI or shadow labrys because she has red eyes
that's it
@SAMURXAI labrys?
@SAMURXAI you can describe the character I might know a few
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