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“I’m tired of being around people, do you mind if we leave?”
You look at him suspiciously; he laughs self consciously, “Seriously. I’m not really a people person. I think I’ve filled my going out quota for the next year.”
“Then why have we done all these things?”
He smiles, “Got to impress the lady before you win the lady.”
You smack him on the arm, “Ow! What? It worked didn’t it?”
“Yes,” you laugh, “okay, yes it did.” You reach over and tweak his ear, “Thank you for finally be honest.”
“That’s all it takes? Being honest with you?” His smile becomes mischevious; “Good to know.”
He pulls you up and you head out of Hongdae.
“Your place or mine?”
“I think my place is closer, if you don’t mind roommates.”
He just shrugs, “Girl from the other night?”
When you nod he’s just like, “Sure.”
You holler out to Missy when you enter the apartment so she’s not caught off guard.
“Want to watch a movie?”
He sits down on the couch,
“Honestly, I don’t care what we do as long as I don’t have to say goodnight yet.”
You grin and turn on ‘Deathbell’.
“What’s this?”
“A horror flick.”
He sits up a little and pats the couch next to him.
“Really? Got any good jump scares?”
“I don’t know, why?”
He just grins and turns so that when you sit down, you will be sitting between his legs. You raise your eyebrow to which he responds with,
“I have to make sure I protect you. In case something jumps out at us from behind the couch; right?”
You have to give him credit, he thinks of everything. You start the movie and sit in the circle of his arms with your legs over his. To be honest, it is really comfy, you’re secretly glad he insisted.
He’s absent mindedly stroking your hair and about to put you to sleep. Neither one of you hear Missy come out of your room. Jiho jumps a foot into the air, causing you to also jump when she suddenly speaks from behind you.
“Holy shit!” he mutters as he glares over his shoulder.
You’ve never seen her laugh so hard and have to admit, it is pretty funny.
Between giggles she explains,
“I just wanted to tell you guys I’m meeting the others to go clubbing. I’ll text you when I’m headed back.” She winks at you over his shoulder. Your face is now red from laughter and embarrassment.
As soon as the door closes Jiho looks over at you playfully, “You think that was funny?” At your wide eyed innocent look he totally tickle attacks you. Screaming for mercy is the farthest thing from your mind as you remain trapped between him and the couch.
Hmmmm.....Alone with Zico in your apt. ahem *coughs* jump him!! hehe!😉😉
he is so cute lol
ooobhh Zico you feitsy. I like it 😉 Keep me posted on these ones too! I love your work