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Lee Hyun Woo went both tough and gentle for the same photo spread in fashion magazine CeCi. In one part of the spread, Lee Hyun Woo stared down the camera in a flower-patterned shirt and wavy hair, while in another, he let down his hair and layered a denim top on a gray shirt like a young and pure college student. An official from the shoot said, "Despite the hot weather, Lee Hyun Woo got everyone happy on set with his energy. His seasoned acting helped him put on a colorful variety of poses, letting him fit perfectly in the spread′s concept." Lee Hyun Woo has been seeing a rise in popularity due to the success of the film Be Covert, Be Great. He also hosts SBS′ Inkigayo. Photo credit: Key East
he is such s cutie!!
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@thatdramalover I wholeheartedly agree. so cute ><
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