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(H/S/N = High school name) I woke up early today so I could go to my favorite café before school started. I got up and went to go take a shower. When I got out of the shower, I changed into this. I grabbed my backpack and keys, then went on my way to the café. Its a good thing the café is only a few minutes from my house and school. I opened the café door and made my way to the counter. I ordered my usual and waited. The café door opened and a rather handsome man walked in. When he got to the counter, he ordered and waited next to me. Morning. I smiled towards the man. Morning. He smiled back, chuckling. I knew him from somewhere, but couldnt put my finger on it. Dont you go to (h/s)? He asked. Yea, how did you know? Ive seen you in my classes before, thats all. Now it hit me. I was talking to one of the popular people from my school…Ken. Not to mention the crush I had on him. When the employees told us our orders were ready we left. Hey, lets walk to school together and get to know each other. He sipped his coffee after he said that. Okay. I smiled. We talked and got to know each other more. *Time skip to 2 weeks later* After 2 weeks on talking and hanging out we became really good friends. His friends were really nice also.Hey (Y/n), wanna go to the café with me? Sure, let me get my books from my locker quick. I went to my locker and put the books I needed in my backpack. I made my way to the gate where Ken was waiting. When I was next to him we made our way to the café. *Time skip to after you got your orders at the café* (Y/n)... can I ask you something? Ken said, I swore I could see a light blush on his face. Of course, Ken. I nodded. Willyougooutwithmeireallylikeyouandimgladyoutalkedtometwoweeksago. He said, rubbing the back of his neck. Ken, can you repeat that slower? Will you go out with me, I really like you and Im glad you talked to me two weeks ago. He said, blushing brighter. O-of course! I tackled him in a hug, well tried to since the table was blocking the way. The rest is up to you...