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Trevor Story, rookie shortstop for the Colorado Rockies, is quite the story.

He just put his name in the history books of baseball when he hit two home runs in his debut match against the Diamondbacks, on Opening Day, against Zack Greinke who posted a 1.66 ERA last season.
Hitting two home runs on your Major League debut is amazing. No one has ever done that But what would you say if he blasted another one in his second Major League game?

That is exactly what he did during his second Major League game.

The 23-year old rookie hit one out of the park during the second game of the series and led his team to another victory. Now the real question is...

What do you call it when he hits another one three games in a row?

I really don't know...but Story HIT ANOTHER ONE today!

That is his fourth home run in his first three MLB games.

That is a new MLB record as well. Story just passed Joe Cunningham of the Cardinals in 1954, when he hit three home runs in the first two games of his Major League career.

I have a feeling we are going to hear a lot of stories about Story this season.

@DucktheFodgers @BrandonMatthewW You guys both make great points. But I think it's still amazing that a rookie managed to pull that off during the first three games of his professional career!
@DavidGom Haha oh Joc. I remember so many of my Dodgers fan friends saying he was going to win ROY.
@BrandonMatthewW Agreed bro. He def cannot keep that shit up haha
think he could be a good player. but we r very early into a league that has over a 100 games so right now I'm not to amazed or concerned about him. he has talent tho and will pose a threat if he keeps his play up. but there is a long season a head of us
Yeah it's only been three games. And there's not enough data on him either.
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