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{NC/WW} /Nakama Campfire/Waifu Wednesday: Non-Human Edition
[Tag: @Invinsybll @hikaymm] This was honestly so hard for me since I haven't seen many animes with non-humans in it rip But I tried my bes and someone is bound to say "lol they're still human" But whatever, suck my dick :)
My waifu of the day is...Miss Ukraine from Hetalia! Yes, she's entirely human... bUT She's also a COUNTRY She's just a human form of one so it stILL COUNTS
She is my waifu cuz she's so cute, so sweet, so innocent, and such a sweetheart Plus...
hELLO BIG BOOBIES Yes, I love big tits I have some myself a-hYUCK That's it :) bai
it totally counts, creativity is bomb~ and wow she's cute!!
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nice way to go on originality lol your language is hilarious
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aaaaa she's my favorite next to Hungary and Belgium
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