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I don't know how many of you guys have been paying attention to Produce 101, but I've been loosely paying attention and wanted to share this with you guys!
(Run down: the show had 101 girls from all different companies compete to form an 11 member girl group that will work together for a year before returning to their home companies, it recently ended and the final group has formed!)

There was one girl who as at the TOP of the ranking every single week of the show, and her name is SOMI from JYP!

She's her father is Canadian so her English is STELLAR and she was on the show Sixteen (which is how JYP made the group TWICE) so she's already pretty well known.

She's known for being really bright, happy, and funny all the time!

They recently released their first music video and Somi did something that made Korean netizens love her EVEN MORE.
She grabbed the shyest member who was hanging out in the back of the screen and dragged her to the front position.
This is important because after the group's contract is over, they will return to their companies to hopefully debut in new groups! Each girl needs to use this time wisely to gain popularity so that when they re-debut they will have even more success.

Somi is really helping out her teammate Chungha!

Please give her lots of love! I adore seeing idols be awesome to each other :D

When I first started watching I was a bit skeptical of her talent because it was the huge company name hanging over her head, like JYP but she's definitely EXTREMELY talented, outgoing, kind and to all the haters SHES FIFTEEN like you gotta accept talent when she's fifteen, in jyp, and on sixteen like she's talented and just amazing
hell no the notification announcement was wrong nd unrelated lol what r u doing Vingle
wow thats amazing that shes helping out the shyest member! she would be great leader too bad shes far too young to be a leader 😢 she just turned 15 right??
That's so sweet!
@JustinaNguyen is correct! Her dad is the soldier that fought with song joong ki in the beginning and later re-appeared. Won't spoil it for you! Anyways Somi and her sister also did a cameo in "Ode to my Father" near the end! It's a great film btw!
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