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Now that we're only a few days away from Coachella, I'm reminded of when I realized I don't like going to it anymore. I used to attend every year, but then I reached an age (or maybe just a particularness) where I realized I hated going.
Everyone's either talking through all the good songs, taking tons of selfies in the crowd, way too tall, or won't stop screaming. What kind of concert-goer can YOU not stand?
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@CreeTheOtaku oh, that's cool. but you get my point right. instead of being respectful, like they did in Chicago and Dallas, they feel like they have to pile ontop of each other just to get close
@EmilyPeacock That is the only one I'm afraid if I ever go to a concert especially a kpop concert
the tall people lol. Apparently nobody can sympathize that I am 5 foot nothing and can't see through them. It's like the tallest people there have to stand right in front of me and block my sight.
@TambryInskeep yay verily
@TambryInskeep Lol... I'd put you on my shoulders... (but you couldn't ban me from the concerts, I'm usually doing security...) 馃榿